Gen 0 Mallows

You can mint a Gen 0 Mallow in the Design Studio.
There is a limit of 2,888 Gen 0 Mallows and the Design Studio will be closed once all 2,888 Gen 0 Mallows are fully minted.
The 2,888 gen 0 mallows can go on to breed multi-generations of cute and adorable mallows.
You can customise the attributes any way you want, or simply do a random mallow.
Each Gen 0 Mallow is 5 MTRG to mint.
When creating a Gen 0 Mallow, there may be a few Metamask approvals required.
1) Approval to use your MTRG tokens with the MeterMallows smart contract. (if insufficient approved)
2) Approval to mint the Gen 0 Mallow with the MeterMallows smart contract.